Welcome to OWO MIMO, where we offer a luxurious home fragrance line that provides a unique sensory and touch experience. Our brand name, "Ọwọ mimọ," comes from the Yoruba language and translates to "Clean Hands" in English.

At OWO MIMO, we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful and nourishing sensory encounter. Our brand was founded after a personal journey where one of our founders suffered third-degree burns to their arms. They struggled to find gentle luxury skincare that could soothe, hydrate, and restore moisture to their skin and senses. This experience, combined with our founder's love for Oud fragrances, inspired the creation of OWO MIMO.

We take great care in selecting our fragrance oud, which we pair with tropical fruits and sweet scents. Our brand encourages the beauty of loving your skin, scars, identity, and environment. We hope you enjoy our luxurious home fragrance line and the unique sensory experience it provides..


Welcome to OWOMIMO, the home of hand-poured elegant & affordable luxury. As a British Nigerian-owned company founded in 2020, we delight in creating products that enhance your day with home fragrances and self-care products that have been formulated with premium ingredients infused with bespoke scents. Our brand comprises a set of home fragrances that contains a fine selection of reed diffusers, bedroom spray, body spray, hand & body wash and lotion.